My Audio Guestbook

Introducing My Audio Guestbook

A Fun and Memorable Way to Capture Your Wedding Memories!

My Audio Guestbook is the perfect way to bring some fun and personality to your wedding. It’s an innovative, interactive and unique way to capture memories and well wishes from your loved ones.

Why settle for a plain guestbook when you can have a lasting memory in the form of audio messages? My Audio Guestbook in New Zealand is perfect for the modern couple who wants something unique and different.


My Audio Guestbook is super easy to use. Your guests simply lift the handset, a personal greeting from you plays and then they leave you a personal message after the beep. The messages are then saved to the phone which we will then collate and build a private audio folder for you to cherish and listen back to in your own time.


My Audio Guestbook is designed with elegance in mind. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport to and from your wedding venue. The sleek retro design will complement any wedding décor.


Once we receive your returned My Audio Guestbook, we will compile the recorded messages into a digital download for you to listen to and cherish for years to come. It is a keepsake that you will treasure for a lifetime. It’s a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and to relive those special moments.


Our Dial-In Audio Guestbook provides an effortless solution for your loved ones, no matter their location, to send you their well wishes on your big day. Whether they couldn’t make it to the wedding or you simply preferred they weren’t there, they can now easily leave you a personal message via telephone. From funny to serious, sentimental or even drunken messages, your distant guests can share their love and blessings with you, all from the comfort of their own phone. We’ll give you a special phone number for them to call, and they can leave their message just as easily as guests who are physically present at your wedding.