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We know you want your school ball to be different from the others, and we have the skills to make that happen! We are experts in event production and can create your school ball stage and compare it to those at significant music festivals in New Zealand. We can accommodate all kinds of budgets and use industry-standard sound, lighting, and video equipment to do this. Our DJs are youthful, skilled, and entertaining, guaranteeing that the music for your school ball satisfies the expectations of each and every one of your students.

We also have connections, so if your budget permits, we can discuss bringing in some of New Zealand’s biggest performers, including Twöfold, Montell2099 and others.

We are New Zealand’s favourite school ball DJs, so much so, that we are the preferred DJ partner of other DJ companies in New Zealand.


At school balls, we think it’s important that you and your guests have control over the music that’s played. That’s why we’ve created a school ball music app that lets you pick out your favorite songs or choose specific songs for key moments of the night. Our experienced school ball DJs will seamlessly integrate your selections into the overall mix, ensuring that everyone has a great time. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store!


If you’re looking to get the party started, our professional sound systems are perfect for you. We can tailor the system to any size room and crowd, and deliver powerful bass that will keep everyone dancing all night long.


Do you want your students’ school ball to be captured in all its epic glory? Our videographer would love to shoot it! Let us know if you’re interested in having our videographer at your ball.


Looking to add some fun and excitement to your ball? Our open air photo booths are perfect for students and teachers alike! With plenty of props available, you and your friends are sure to have a blast.

Customise your SCHOOL BALL

Do you want your school ball to be perfect? Well, we can help make that happen. We have a range of comprehensive school ball packages that will cover everything from the formal dancing and speeches, right down to the music and lighting. And if your school has over 250 students, we can even tailor a package just for you. So why not let us take care of everything and make your school ball one to remember?

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School ball events are special occasions that require careful planning to ensure success. One important aspect of this is choosing the right DJ. A professional DJ can bring an extra level of excitement to the event with their music, sound reinforcement, and lighting.

Event FX such as handheld co2 jets, laser lights, and confetti cannons can add visual excitement and make the event even more dynamic. These effects, combined with the right music selection, can help create the perfect atmosphere for students to dance the night away.

Music selection is key to making the school ball memorable. A good DJ should have a wide range of music, from current popular hits to classic favorites, to cater to the diverse musical tastes of students. By reading the crowd and adapting their music, the DJ can keep everyone on the dance floor and ensure that everyone has a great time. With our knowledge of music and event FX, our school ball DJ can make a school ball truly unforgettable.