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Unlocking the Magic: Free Perks in Our 2024 Wedding DJ Packages

As the big day approaches, every bride dreams of the perfect soundtrack to accompany her journey down the aisle. At My Event DJ, we understand the importance of creating unforgettable moments on your wedding day. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest offerings: free indoor fireworks and a complimentary audio guestbook included in every DJ package!

Imagine the awe and wonder as you and your guests are showered in a cascade of shimmering sparks during your first dance. Our indoor fireworks add a touch of magic to your reception, creating a spectacle that will be remembered for years to come. Whether you’re dancing under the stars or in the cozy embrace of an indoor venue, our fireworks will elevate the atmosphere and set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

But the perks don’t stop there. In addition to our mesmerising indoor fireworks, we’re also excited to introduce our FREE audio guestbook offering. Capture heartfelt messages and well wishes from your loved ones in real-time, as they share their love and support for your new journey together. With our state-of-the-art audio technology on retro phones to match your aesthetic, you can listen back to these cherished moments whenever you desire, preserving the memories of your special day for a lifetime.

At My Event DJ, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the music, as we strive to create an experience that is truly unforgettable. With our free perks included in every DJ package, you can rest assured that your wedding day will be nothing short of extraordinary.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our 2024 Wedding DJ packages and unlock the magic for your special day. Let’s create memories together that will last a lifetime.

Wedding DJ Hire – Your wedding, your way.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. This includes the music and entertainment that sets the tone for your celebration. Hiring a professional wedding DJ is a great way to ensure that your guests are entertained and that the dance floor is packed from start to finish.

Why Hire a Wedding DJ?

A professional wedding DJ has the experience, knowledge and equipment necessary to create the perfect ambiance for your big day. They understand how to read a crowd and play music that will keep your guests dancing and having a great time.

In addition to their musical expertise, a wedding DJ can also serve as the MC for your reception, making announcements and introducing special events throughout the night. This helps to keep the flow of the evening going smoothly and ensures that your guests are always engaged and entertained.

Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

When selecting a wedding DJ, it is important to find someone who has experience working with couples to create the soundtrack for their big day. This can include meeting with you in advance to discuss your music preferences and any special requests, as well as working with you to create a customised playlist that reflects your personal style and taste.

It is also important to choose a wedding DJ with a high-quality sound system and lighting equipment, as well as the ability to provide backup equipment in case of technical difficulties.

Wedding DJ Packages

Most wedding DJ companies offer a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. These may include basic DJ services, as well as additional options such as lighting and sound upgrades, special effects, and even live musicians to enhance the musical experience for you and your guests.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right wedding DJ for your celebration has never been easier. Whether you want a simple DJ setup or a more elaborate setup complete with lights and special effects, a professional wedding DJ can help you create the wedding of your dreams.

So why wait? Start planning your wedding celebration today, and book your wedding DJ today!

Unleash the voice of your guests: My Audio Guestbook

My Event DJ is thrilled to introduce our latest offering to make your special event even more memorable – My Audio Guestbook. This unique guestbook allows your guests to leave you messages in their own voices, capturing the joy and excitement of your wedding day.

With My Audio Guestbook, your guests can pick up a retro styled phone at your event and leave a message after hearing a pre-recorded greeting from you. These messages will be collected and assembled into a digital download or, for an extra special touch, a vinyl record that you can play on any record player.

Not only does My Audio Guestbook offer a unique and personal touch to your event, but it also serves as a beautiful and functional décor element. You can choose from a range of phones to suit your event’s theme or design concept, and it provides an extra activity for your guests to keep them engaged and entertained throughout your celebration.

For those who are unable to attend your wedding, My Audio Guestbook also offers a call-in service, allowing guests to leave a message by calling a local NZ phone number from anywhere in the world.

Capture the sounds and sentiments of your special day with My Audio Guestbook – a truly one-of-a-kind guestbook experience!

Click here to view more information about our My Audio Guestbook.

Vibo: The Mobile Planning App for Your DJ Hire Experience

Organizing your event’s music is now easier and more fun with Vibo! Our new mobile app is designed to make the preparation process for your event’s music as smooth and effortless as possible. Whether you’re planning a party, a wedding or a corporate event, My Event DJ and Vibo are here to help.

Here’s how Vibo works:

  1. Book with My Event DJ
  2. Receive an email from us with a link to download Vibo on your device
  3. Sign up with either your email or Facebook account
  4. Access your event’s listing, which is only visible to you and My Event DJ, and has two tabs – Details and Music.
  5. Use the Details tab to change the cover photo, add more admins, edit your event’s details and invite guests to rate and suggest music.
  6. Use the Music tab to add and manage the music requests for your DJ. This screen has different sections such as Dance Party Songs, Dinner Music, First Dance Song, etc.
  7. Add songs by searching YouTube or browsing Vibo’s recommendations, or by integrating with Spotify playlists.
  8. Invite guests to upvote and suggest songs by sharing your event’s unique URL via text, email, Facebook or any other messaging app.
  9. Finalize your song requests by marking them as “Must Play” or “Don’t Play”, or by removing them completely.

Vibo is mobile, easy to use and fun, making the preparation process for your event’s music as stress-free as possible. Our app is designed to give your DJ the full picture of your entertainment vision, ensuring that you and your guests have an amazing time.

Check out our introduction video to see for yourself how awesome Vibo is for playlisting and event planning. With My Event DJ and Vibo, you’ll have the perfect playlist in no time!

Creating the Perfect School Ball: The Ultimate DJ Production

Organizing a school ball can be an exciting and challenging task. With so many students to cater to, finding the right balance between music and entertainment is essential. This is why it’s crucial to choose the right DJ production company that can help you make your school ball one to remember.

At My Event DJ, we understand the importance of making your school ball stand out from the rest. That’s why we strive to create an event production that is unmatched by any other in New Zealand. Our team of professionals use industry standard sound, lighting, and visual equipment to make your school ball the talk of the town.

Young, Professional and Fun DJs

Our DJs are young, professional and fun, ensuring that the music played at your school ball meets the expectations of every one of your students. They have a wealth of experience and know how to create the perfect atmosphere to keep everyone entertained throughout the night.

The Biggest Acts in New Zealand

If your budget allows, we can even help you bring in New Zealand’s biggest acts to perform at your school ball. From Sachi to Mitch James to Montell 2099, we have the connections to make it happen. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the acts you bring in are the perfect fit for your school ball.

The Preferred DJ Partner

We are proud to be New Zealand’s favourite school ball DJ, and our reputation precedes us. In fact, we are the preferred DJ partner of other DJ companies in New Zealand. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible service and ensuring that your school ball is a huge success.

In conclusion, choosing the right DJ production company for your school ball is essential. With My Event DJ, you can be confident that your event will be a huge success. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to create an unforgettable school ball experience. So, why not get in touch with us today to start planning your school ball?

6 Tips for choosing your Wedding DJ entertainment in New Zealand

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and choosing the right wedding DJ is key to making your celebration unforgettable. From setting the tone for the evening to getting everyone on the dance floor, the right DJ will ensure that your guests have a night to remember. In this blog, we’ll share with you six essential tips to help you choose the perfect wedding DJ for your big day in New Zealand.

  1. Read the Crowd:

The most important feature to look for when choosing a wedding DJ is their ability to read a crowd of people. A talented DJ should be able to walk into a room full of strangers and use their emotional intelligence and music knowledge to get everyone up and dancing. When your DJ can do this, your guests will leave with an unforgettable “best wedding ever” impression.

  1. Reputable Experience in the Wedding Industry:

When conducting your research, make sure to select a DJ company that has credible reviews and a professional reputation. Research wedding directories and magazines, as well as ask friends and family for recommendations. Booking with an agency rather than an individual DJ will also ensure backup in the event of an emergency.

  1. Understanding Your Style:

A good wedding DJ should take the time to understand your needs and wants before your big day. They should be open to customizing playlists to suit your style and accommodate any requests from you and your guests. My Event DJ works closely with each couple to ensure a personalized experience that reflects your taste and style.

  1. A One-Stop Music Shop:

When choosing your wedding DJ, consider a company that offers a full wedding DJ service with sound, lighting, microphone, and speciality equipment. This will save you time and ensure a seamless experience on your big day. My Event DJ offers all of these services, so you can relax and enjoy your celebration.

  1. The Elite of the Industry:

At My Event DJ, we only hire the most elite DJs in New Zealand. Our highly trained personnel, expansive music collection, experience, and exceptional customer service set us apart from the rest. Our director, Jarrod Phillips, is always ahead of the game, traveling abroad during the off-season to keep up with the latest music and DJing at famous beach clubs, festivals, and private events around Europe, Bali, and the Pacific Islands.

  1. Memorable Experiences:

At My Event DJ, we pride ourselves on being different from any other wedding DJ company in New Zealand. We don’t know the word “average,” and we’re dedicated to creating memorable experiences for you and your guests. We love what we do, and it shows in the unforgettable parties and celebrations we bring to life.

In conclusion, choosing the right wedding DJ is essential to making your celebration unforgettable. By following these six tips, you can be confident that you’ll select the perfect DJ for your big day. My Event DJ is here to make your wedding a night to remember, and we look forward to the opportunity to bring your celebration to life. If you’re looking for wedding dj hire in New Zealand, look no further than My Event DJ.