Unleash the voice of your guests: My Audio Guestbook

My Event DJ is thrilled to introduce our latest offering to make your special event even more memorable – My Audio Guestbook. This unique guestbook allows your guests to leave you messages in their own voices, capturing the joy and excitement of your wedding day.

With My Audio Guestbook, your guests can pick up a retro styled phone at your event and leave a message after hearing a pre-recorded greeting from you. These messages will be collected and assembled into a digital download or, for an extra special touch, a vinyl record that you can play on any record player.

Not only does My Audio Guestbook offer a unique and personal touch to your event, but it also serves as a beautiful and functional décor element. You can choose from a range of phones to suit your event’s theme or design concept, and it provides an extra activity for your guests to keep them engaged and entertained throughout your celebration.

For those who are unable to attend your wedding, My Audio Guestbook also offers a call-in service, allowing guests to leave a message by calling a local NZ phone number from anywhere in the world.

Capture the sounds and sentiments of your special day with My Audio Guestbook – a truly one-of-a-kind guestbook experience!

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